NEBA is the first biological test cleared by the FDA to help clinicians evaluate ADHD. The FDA says this new test may help clinicians reach greater certainty. Clinicians perform NEBA in their office in about 15 –- 20 minutes. In regular evaluations, clinicians identify ADHD symptoms using interviews, questionnaires, and rating scales. After a NEBA clinician identifies ADHD symptoms, they add an extra step. They use NEBA to help determine whether symptoms are due to another condition. By taking this extra step, clinicians can improve the accuracy of their diagnosis. To use NEBA, your clinician’s office collects brainwave data using FDA cleared medical equipment. The procedure is safe and comfortable for your child. NEBA Health processes the brainwave data and returns a report in about an hour. Your clinician uses the report to help answer the question:  Is it ADHD, or something else?

We are pleased to assist NEBA Health in increasing awareness of the NEBA procedure as we believe it can make an important contribution to the ADHD evaluation process in children and adolescents – both in initial evaluations and when children are being reevaluated. Available locally @ Clinic for Special Children, Wilmington, NC.

Here is a quote from the relevant FDA press release dated 7/13/14:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today allowed marketing of the first medical device based on brain function to help assess attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents 6 to 17 years old. When used as part of a complete medical and psychological examination, the device can help confirm an ADHD diagnosis or a clinician’s decision that further diagnostic testing should focus on ADHD or other medical or behavioral conditions that produce symptoms similar to ADHD.”

Learn more about NEBA: Clinic for Special Children, Wilmington, NC

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Sharon Aldridge Morris, LEED, AP

ADHD Executive Life Coach

Duke Integrative Medicine Trained Health Coach


Does your child use a smart phone? Have access to a computer? iPad ? Or maybe has a friend who has all of the above?

It’s a ridiculous question, I know, but the seriousness of the situation warrants many carefree parenting types to become very intentional about their child’s “possible” goal of KPC: keep parents clueless!

25 Disturbing Texting Shortcuts EVERY Parent Should Know

If you happen upon your kid’s phone & want to have a look at the texts — here are 25 texting shortcuts to look out for:

1. 9 — Parent Watching

2. CID — Acid (yes, the drug)

3. 420 — Marijuana

4. GNOC — Get Naked On Camera

5. POS — Parent Over Shoulder

6. 99 — Parent Gone

7. Broken — Hungover

8. CU46 — See You For Sex

9. IWSN — I Want Sex Now

10. PIR — Parent In Room

11. PRON — Porn

12. WTTP — Want To Trade Pictures?

13. IPN — I’m Posting Naked

14. KOTL — Kiss On The Lips

15. TDTM — Talk Dirty To Me

16. LH6 — Let’s Have Sex

17. GYPO — Get Your Pants Off

18. 8 — Oral Sex

19. KPC — Keeping Parents Clueless

20. NIFOC — Naked In Front Of Computer

21. 53X — Sex

22. LMIRL or MIRL — Let’s Meet In Real Life

23. CD9 — Parents Around/Code 9

24. DOC — Drug Of Choice

25. TWD — Texting while driving.

How Many Did You Already Know?

texting-shortcutsHow many of these texting shortcuts did you already know?

I could only figure out a handful without looking them up.

But now that you know them, what should you do if you discover your kids using them?

Good question…. I’ll let you answer.

Would you confront your kids if you spotted some of these in their texts?


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Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Blessings this Christmas season and the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to all our customers, E-mail subscribers, fans, followers, friends, family, fellow believers and non-believers.

I love December! It always makes me smile to think of this season: the fun family time; the present shopping; the lights and Christmas trees; and the snow, and most important the birth of our savior Jesus Christ (Emmanual – God is with us! Matthew 1:23)

So, the fabulous neurological effects of smiling are what I want to tell you about in this blog.

Did you know that the mere act of smiling could stop a negative toxic mindset? In fact, research shows that smiling a lot helps towards rewiring the circuit in the brain that helps you keep a positive attitude to life! This means God has designed us in such a way that when we smile with our eyes and mouth…a real deep meaningful smile (called the Duchenne smile), the part of your brain involved in decision-making, intellectual pursuit, shifting between thoughts, and thinking things through rationally becomes stronger and more effective. Simply put, smiling makes you happier and more intelligent!

Some researchers have even shown that a smile lowers stress and blood pressure and stimulates the immune system. In fact our brain pays attention to cues from the rest of our body to determine our moods and emotions. So smiling increases our health as well!

And just watch the effect on those around you because smiling, like attitude, is contagious. In fact it’s almost impossible not to respond to a real smile: the mirror neurons God has so graciously wired into our brains are designed to respond with a burst of feel good chemicals being released lifting our spirits and intellect.

If smiling has such a profound affect on the kinds of experiences we have with other people and how they treat us, why don’t you stop a moment and practice a smile? Maybe it will take 7 attempts or more to create that real smile that involves all the muscles…but watch how you feel and watch the response of those around you as you go through the day smiling at everyone. This is true to the Proverbs: “ A merry heart doeth good like medicine” 15:13

To help you smile and celebrate our differences this Christmas season here is a VIDEO CLIP of Dr Caroline Leaf talking about the male/female brain differences.