Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Blessings this Christmas season and the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to all our customers, E-mail subscribers, fans, followers, friends, family, fellow believers and non-believers.

I love December! It always makes me smile to think of this season: the fun family time; the present shopping; the lights and Christmas trees; and the snow, and most important the birth of our savior Jesus Christ (Emmanual – God is with us! Matthew 1:23)

So, the fabulous neurological effects of smiling are what I want to tell you about in this blog.

Did you know that the mere act of smiling could stop a negative toxic mindset? In fact, research shows that smiling a lot helps towards rewiring the circuit in the brain that helps you keep a positive attitude to life! This means God has designed us in such a way that when we smile with our eyes and mouth…a real deep meaningful smile (called the Duchenne smile), the part of your brain involved in decision-making, intellectual pursuit, shifting between thoughts, and thinking things through rationally becomes stronger and more effective. Simply put, smiling makes you happier and more intelligent!

Some researchers have even shown that a smile lowers stress and blood pressure and stimulates the immune system. In fact our brain pays attention to cues from the rest of our body to determine our moods and emotions. So smiling increases our health as well!

And just watch the effect on those around you because smiling, like attitude, is contagious. In fact it’s almost impossible not to respond to a real smile: the mirror neurons God has so graciously wired into our brains are designed to respond with a burst of feel good chemicals being released lifting our spirits and intellect.

If smiling has such a profound affect on the kinds of experiences we have with other people and how they treat us, why don’t you stop a moment and practice a smile? Maybe it will take 7 attempts or more to create that real smile that involves all the muscles…but watch how you feel and watch the response of those around you as you go through the day smiling at everyone. This is true to the Proverbs: “ A merry heart doeth good like medicine” 15:13

To help you smile and celebrate our differences this Christmas season here is a VIDEO CLIP of Dr Caroline Leaf talking about the male/female brain differences.

Is society causing our children to have ADHD?
In a society that functions off of wireless devices, we need to ask pro actively, “are
there health problems associated with cell phone radiation? Cell phones and other
wireless devices emit a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and when
held next to our heads all day, we absorb over 50% of this radio frequency energy.
Imagine now that this radio frequency energy is being absorbed by a younger brain
through a slightly thinner skull. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell
phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in 2011. We have no clear
direction from the wireless industry, but we do know that studies in mice suggest that
fetal mice are more vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic radiation than adult
mice and they are more likely to manifest deficits in attention, appropriate caution, and
behavioral control .
It may be worth being pro-active and reducing exposure to this type of non-ionizing
radiation. PONG makes a great case for iPhones that redirects the radiation away from
the head. Another way to reduce electromagnetic charge and ionizing radiation
received from other sources is to ground yourself to earth (walk barefoot on the
In our modern society, children have more and more screen time, an estimated 5.5
hours a day- leaving children less time to connect with others, and more time to crave
fast paced media. A recent study study shows that toddlers who watch more than 2
hours of television each day, are 30% more likely to develop ADHD later on.

Less Screen Time! More Green TIme! should be your mantra.

What can you do at home to help you or your loved one with ADHD?

Science shows that for life long benefits- a multidimensional program treating the whole person is what works best!

That includes:

1. Playing to your strengths by avoiding prolonged desk work.

2. Take advantage of those great organizational apps for your smart phone to keep you organized and on time.

3. Simplify your life and schedules and reduce media time to < 1 hour daily.

4. Eat an organic whole foods diet free of preservatives, dyes and flavorful neurotoxins like MSG and aspartame. Higher is protein and lower in simple sugars is best

5. Take purified fish oils, shown to reduce core symptoms of ADHD

6. Taking a multivitamin may help with learning.

7. Reduce chemical exposures by drinking clean filtered water.

8. Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

9. Begin a behavior modification program, get coaching or counseling.

10. Exercise – the more the better for ADHD. Less Screen Time, More Green time!

11. Begin an appropriate computerized cognitive training program

12. Neurofeedback can result in enduring improvements

13. Medications prescribed by your doctor are typically very helpful.

14. Reduce Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (cell phone)

Welcome to Vibrant Children’s Post on the Benefits of Musical Therapy for Individuals with ADD, ADHD, Auditory Processing & Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr.Karen Harum has offered some amazing insight and solutions to retrain the brain through Music. We hope this post offers you some help!

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